Saturday, October 23, 2010

Whats been happening in the shop...

It's been a busy day with lots of customers and Paula's Basic Stamping Class. The ladies are here and from the chatter and laughter they seen to be having a great time. I have to admit that popping in and listening to Paula, I have picked up some gems of information for stamping!

I have been busy entering and pricing stock, so we now have a restock of adhesive, including the ever popular XBox machine and refills, they have been selling before I can get them out of the box!!!

Tonight we have our regular "Scrap N Yap" with a few spaces spare. If you can't bare the thought of another night in front of the tv then call and book your place.

We are all looking forward to next Saturdays' Extreme Crop 10am - 10pm. Rose has been off buying Halloween props for the day and has promised to help with putting them up! I'm still trying to work out what I will be wearing, and have no idea who or what Jodie will be coming as.

I guess that's all for now folks

Take Care and hope to see you soon

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