Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's all coming together

Like the title's all coming together. When you drive past the shop you will see our fabulous sign. Col has done an outstanding job and we have to give him a big thank you, plus pay him I guess!!!

What has been happening over the last few days at the shop...

I found the box with the phones in it so now you can contact us on 9390 1002.

The paritioning has gone up. We have an office, which means we now can get the computers going, a stock room (Rose is very happy about that) and the kitchen (we can now organise it and maybe make a hot drink or two).

Stock started going on the shelves today, this is a BIGGGG job. Jodie is focused on this and the ordering, lucky girl!!

We can't give you an opening date as the electricals are done yet, but as soon as we know you will know too.

Happy Scrapping

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