Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sitting in the shop...

Hi Fellow Flaunters,

That's right, I am sitting here in the shop, using the shop computers, blogging! Today, Saturday, our darling Hubbies have been slogging away, putting together cupboards, drilling holes to hang things and many more wonderful things.

The best thing of all is that dear, darling Steve came and got our computers up and running! Thank you, thank you Steve. Now we are networked, debugged, ADSL'd and everything else we need to be. Ladies we are officially back on line!

It is very quiet here at the moment with just me hang around to type this, Jodie and Rose will be back later to keep at it. We are currently focused on getting stock on the shelves, so now we are looking more like a scrapbook store and less of a refuge for wayward boxes.

That's all for now
Take care

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